East, Northeast, Upper Southeast &
Southeast Tucson

East Tucson (Saguaro National Park East)
Northeast Tucson (Tanque Verde)
Upper Southeast Tucson (Rita Ranch)
Southeast Tucson (Vail, Corona de Tucson)

Characteristic of Neighborhood

Northeast Tucson (Tanque Verde)
Northeast Tucson is popular for Ranch and Horse Properties.
It provides a rural land with Ranches, Haciendas and contemporary properties.

Tanque Verde Valley offers quick access to the Santa Catalina Mountains, Mount Lemmon and Saguaro National Park East.
As a Golfer, you’ll find several famous Golf and Country Clubs in this neighborhood.

East Tucson (Saguaro National Park East) & Upper Southeast Tucson (Rita Ranch)
Tucson East & Upper Southeast Tucson is located west of Saguaro National Park East with the Rincon Mountains.

The area provides a lot of outdoor activities and it is also known for the nearby Colossal Cave.
Residents in this area are close to restaurants, entertainment and shopping which offers a wide variety of lifestyles.

Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Ratheon and IBM are the big employers is this area.

Southeast Tucson has been one of the fastest growing areas. Homes come of all sizes but mostly on larger lots.
Rita Ranch is part of Esmond Station Area Development Plan created in 1986. It is a large community of roughly 5,000 homes.

Southeast Tucson (Vail, Corona de Tucson)
Vail was originally a station and water stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad. Now it is a community of Rancho Del Lago and has become a suburb of Tucson.

Most of the neighborhoods in Vail are cookie-cutter style new developments, which range in construction date from the early 1980s to today.
That said, you can also find ranches, farms, and horse property on acreage at good prices in this area.

Houses are a mixture of styles and include both one-story and two-story homes. Many new consturctions are buit in Corona de Tucson.